• 2020-2022 • 3 TERRITORIES • 500+K LOGS
Advanced reality show production tool. Includes sophisticated editor module with easy precut and intuitive logging system. Integrated with Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere. The software supports every stage of production: the work of loggers, directors, editors, etc.

ROUTER Manager • 2021

Advanced solution for camera mixing using video routers. Supports fast and easy custom layout creation. Choose from four different camera mix workflows. Integrated with all major video routers.

Video Mixer • 2020-2021

Innovative multiple-camera mixing workflow. Easy camera layout creation with one-touch multiple-output mixing. Scalable system with multiple camera director and RCO positions. PTZ position, focus and zoom control on touchscreen with custom presets.
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

Game of 1000 Boxes • 2021 • 11 real-time games • 32 simultaneous players

Part live game show, part audio-visual thrill ride – Game of 1000 Boxes is a brand new social gaming experience in NYC. You and your friends team up IRL for a rollercoaster of high-energy party games that test collective wits, gut instincts, and button-finger agility.
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All Together Now • 2018-2021 • 11 TERRITORIES • 100 jurors

A Talent Show, popular all over the world. Our system enabling real-time synchronization of the voting system with light, sound and microphone control system was used, among others. in Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia and France.
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland


The most popular, cult reality show format all over the world. We supported the director’s work by creating an application – Big Brother’s smart house – controlling over 100 different devices. 
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

Lego Masters • 2020 • 2 MLN BRICKS

A family TV show where our logging system supported the creation at every stage of TV production and editing.                                                                                                                                                           
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

THE WALL • 2017-2021 • 13 territories • 229 SENSORS

A dynamic, modern entertainment program in which our innovative solutions are used. Real-time render on-line graphics on the wall and on the TV screen. Integration system – light, video and sound.
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

Road To A Million - De Weg Naar het Miljoen • 2018 • 49 HD outputs

Amazing entertainment program in which our technology allowed participants to move freely through the great technological maze.                                                                                                                                                                                          
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

BMW Art Club • 2018 • blending 6 projectors in real time

Thanks to our technology, the music of K. Penderecki, H. Górecki and W. Lutosławski, A. Panufnik was synchronized in real time with video art on 8 projectors.                                                                                                                            
In cooperation with BWA Warszawa.

Only One - Tylko Jeden • 2020 • 8 fights • 40 cameras

Program that combines the world of reality shows with a brutal fight in a cage. Our technology made it easier to follow the actions of the main characters, and also gave the director tools to support production.
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

Next One - Następny, proszę! • 2018

150 seconds and 30 wrong answers, all in a crazy pace of music, light and abstract humor that must be in sync with each other. Next One!
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland

Anything Goes. Ale Jazda! • 2020

A real ride without a handlebars, during which Polish celebrities had to perform a number of tests, which was helped by our reliable system
In cooperation with EndemolShinePoland